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Giving Predestination a Decent Burial

Bill Mauldin
Pirkt 5.00 EUR
"Predestination rests on the idea of "divine determinism," a reflection of fatalism that has divided the Christian Church for centuries. It fuels a debate over whether, or to what degree, humans have free will, or whether, or to what degree, God is in the background determining all that happens. The evidence in this book does not just add to the debate - it removes the very foundation upon which the debate is based."
"Presented in a readable style, yet thoroughly researched, the evidence is overwhelming that Calvinism as it is known today, and as it has been taught for centuries, does not withstand a close scrutiny, either from a biblical perspective, or from logical tests for truth. It is a prison that locks people into an outdated belief system that could never be practiced in everyday life. But there has always been key."
  • mīkstie vāki
  • 15 x 23 cm
  • 521 lpp
  • 752 g
  • Latvija
  • Atradums
  • 2020
  • 73255

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